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Western Sydney Chinese School

Our school under the NSW Community Languages Program managed by the Department of Education conducts Chinese language courses from kindergarten to Y12.  It is open to all students aged above 5 years regardless of language background and gender.

The aim of our Chinese language program is to develop in students the knowledge and understandings, skills, attitudes and values that would enhance their sense of personal, cultural, national and global identity. The learning outcomes would enable the students to master the Chinese language and to comprehend its richness in culture.

The teachers at this school are experienced, well trained and qualified pursuant to the guideline of the NSW Community Languages Program. The courses are delivered in adherence to syllabi in vivid, interesting manner, with fun, games and activities.

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us.


Learn Chinese

more than just "ni hao" 你好 & "xie xie" 謝謝!

We offer online tutoring 我們提供在線輔導

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